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  1. bob mallard says:


    I am wrapping up a book called 50 Best Places to Fly Fish the Northeast. It is an author/editor effort that features ffing professionals and volunteers writing about their home waters.

    I have two chapters that are written by people who have contributed another–and more important to them–chapter. My goal is to get as many people on board as possible and prefer to have different people for each chapter wherever possible. While we can go forward with what we have, my preference would be to try one last time to find a new person to write about one of the two overlap waters–in this case Slate Run

    The chapter was originally assigned to Slate Run Tackle. They backed out when they learned that a competitor–McConnell’s General Store–was writing about Pine Creek. As it now stands, Glen McConnell has agreed to write both Pine and Slate–and has in fact done so. But his primary interest is Pine Creek–his business is on it–and he was just making sure that Slate did not get left out at the expense of others whose businesses would be affected by its exclusion.

    TCO, Feathered Hook, Slate Run Tackle, Spruce Creek Outfitters, and Fishermans Paradise all declined to participate for one reason or another. Lance Wilt – Outcast Anglers (Fishing Creek), Bill Andersen – Little Juniata Watershed Association (Little Juniata), Dennis Charney – Dennis Charney Guides (Spring Creek), Glen McConnell – McConells General Store (Pine and Slate if needed), ad Bruce Fisher – Penns Creek Angler are all involved in the project.

    Do you know anyone who guides the river, does conservation work on the river—a TUer, etc., or otherwise has credentials that would make them a good candidate for writing the chapter? It is a great way to promote the water, a business, or a conservation group.



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