About Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Welcome to the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Founded in 1964, we are one of Pennsylvania’s oldest chapters, and help protect many miles of central Pennsylvania’s finest streams. Some of our waters include Muncy Creek, Loyalsock Creek, Black Hole Creek and Lycoming Creek

Acid Mine Drainage in Loyalsock Creek Watershed to be reviewed

The Chapter submitted a TAG (Technical Assistance Grant) application to Trout Unlimited for “assistance to monitor water quality, benthic macroinvertebates and fishery populations around AMD (acid mine drainage) treatment sites that have recently been rehabilitated to determine the impact of the remediation.  Additionally we would like to hvae an assessment of the current mine drainage issues in this portion of the watershed and determine additional potential restoration options.” (taken from TAG application)

This grant and subsequent work will find solutions to restoring a portion of upper Loyalsock Creek, upstream of US 220 from its present impaired status. The study is underway and stream monitoring will begin later this fall.

Ruth Rode of the Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association (LCWA) prepared the attached summary of abandoned mine discharge (AMD) abatement efforts in the upper Loyalsock watershed near Mildred and Lopez.

2020-06-20 AMD treatment history of LCWA

Drone video of the AMD Sites

Picture below submitted by Walt Nicholson Showing Tunnel B Treatment Pond in the Upper Loyalsock Creek



July 2020 issue of the Susquehanna Riples is now available

     We hope your summer is going well. These are certainly crazy times that we are in right now but hopefully this return to a somewhat normal way in the very near future. Please find attached the July issue of the Susquehanna Ripples. This is the first time we have published a summer issue and we hope you like it.

    Our next issue will be at the end of August or the very first part of September and our regular monthly meeting is currently scheduled for Wednesday September 9, 2020. We are still working on ideas and a location to have this meeting that will allow for social distancing and a safe environment for everyone.

As always we hope to see you at the meeting and on the stream.

2020-07 Susquehanna Ripples

Watch the Water Temperature

Special Reminder for Anglers — It’s REALLY hot and dry out there!

With hot and dry weather upon us, many of Pennsylvania’s waterways are warming up and rivers and streams are experiencing below average water flows. As you can imagine, this can be a very stressful time for fish, especially cold water species like trout.

If you’re heading out fishing during this time, please consider that the added stress of being captured by an angler by line and hook under these conditions can often result in death for the trout.

In many cases, trout will seek out the closest source of cold water to provide thermal relief. This often results in many trout congregating at the mouths of cool-water tributaries or spring seeps.

Please consider that while crowded and thermally stressed trout in a pool of water may look like an easy target, these fish are typically in poor condition and difficult to catch. Anglers should avoid fishing for trout during these conditions, as it can have lasting impacts on the population
If you are considering trout fishing when conditions are stressful, please follow these recommended guidelines:

Take a water temperature upon arriving at the stream. If the water temperature exceed 70°F, be mindful that trout are experiencing thermal stress and consider fishing for warm-water species such as Largemouth Bass, panfish, or catfish.

Anglers should fish during the morning when water temperatures are lowest. Stream temperatures can rapidly increase during the afternoon and evening hours, so avoid trout fishing during that time.

Avoid fishing in areas where trout are congregated. Actively fishing for thermally stressed trout will only add additional stress to the fish, decreasing the likelihood that the fish will survive after being caught and released.

Please like and share this post to help spread the word to other anglers, especially those who are new to the sport. As always, thank you from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission!

Taken from the PA Fish and Boat Commission Facebook page

Be Aware of Scams

It has been brought to our attention that someone is sending emails using our Chapter President’s name, Charlie Knowlden, and attempting to solicit money for the fight against COVID-19 and for the front line workers during this time.  The emails are using Charlies name but have an incorrect email address.

The Chapter does not, and will not, solicit funds for any activity that is not affiliated with a Chapter event or activity.

If you receive any emails soliciting funds for any reason, please ignore them and feel free to contact us for any questions or clarification.  This unfortunately is not the first time scammers have targeted our Chapter and it probably will not be the last.  We have not lost any funds due to previous scams and we are asking you to be vigilent and do not give any money to anyone without first verifying who they are and the organization that they are will.

Fishing in Pennsylvania during COVID-19 Pandemic

All of Pennsylvania is now under the Stay at Home Order by Governor Wolfe.  There are exceptions to this and outdoor recreation is one of those exceptions provided we follow some basic precautions.  Fishing is more than catching fish.  It provides therapy in many ways, allows us to reset our busy and difficult lives, allows us to get back in touch with nature, and allows us to escape  the difficulties and pressures of the world for a short time.

Going outside during this Stay at Home Order is a personal choice and one that only you can make. Trout season starts in a few weeks and this is the start of fishing season for many.  The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has issued guidelines for fishing during the COVID-19 Pandemic and you can read them by clicking the link below.

Fishing in Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lycoming County Planning & Community Development wants your input

The Lycoming County Planning & Community Development, in partnership with Clinton County and Tioga County are applying for a BUILD grant to fund multiple connectivity projects in all three counties. We are attempting to get feedback from as many residents of Clinton, Lycoming, and Tioga counties as possible. Please take a few moments to answer a brief 10 question survey on how you use the regional trail system (see link below).


If you have any questions or need more information please contact Sal Vitko at svitko@lyco.org or 570-320-2140. Thank you for all of your help.

Chapter Events Cancelled

As of today, all events that have been scheduled by the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited are cancelled until further notice.  This is being done as a preventative measure as recommended by Trout Unlimited and many Local, State, and Federal Officials.

Our Country is in a place that we have not been before and our Chapter asks that everyone be cautious and follow the recommendations of Health and Government Officials.

Fishing and outdoor events (hiking, biking, bird watching, etc) remain options for us to do in this time of uncertainty. Social Distancing has become a common phrase and as anglers and outdoor people, we have practiced this as part of our outdoor experience.

Thank you to everyone for your support and we wish everyone well in the coming days and weeks!