Service Partnership

In July 2020, TU formally renamed the Veterans Service Project to Trout Unlimited’s Service Partnership. With this new name came a new mission as well. Trout Unlimited offered to first responders – specifically members of the fire service, medical, and law enforcement communities, and their families – the same opportunities and recognition which were offered to the military community since 2011.

The Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited is proud to have a Service Partnership Program.  Starting in 2014 with Project Healing waters, our program has evolved into a program that is tailored to its members. We do what you want to do. We offer fly tying class’s, rod building, casting instruction and fishing outings.  Trout Unlimited and the Susquehanna Chapter is not a fly fishing organization. We support and promote all types of trout fishing and you can build the rod or lures that you want to.

For more information, please contact our Chapters Service Partnership Coordinator Charles Knowlden at (570)971-1296 or /