Youth Education

Having kids involved in the youth committee and our Chapter serves many purposes.  First it is gets kids involved in our Chapter.  They are able to contribute to our newsletter and they have a voice in issues and activities that affect them.

Second is that they are representing the Chapter at events.  As adults we can talk to kids about fishing but how cool is it to have a kid teaching another kid?

Third is that the kids provide input about fishing or issues that we adults may not see.  Besides the obvious age difference, kids can provide a different perspective on things that we adults might not see.  This is important for the growth of our Chapter and allows them to be involved.

Lastly, we are able to introduce them to the importance of conservation and get them involved in projects designed for them and their age.  Educating them to the importance of conservation and why it is needed will hopefully spark a life long interest.

By getting kids involved, we hope to get the family involved.  It is just as important to get families involved in conservation and fishing as it is for anyone else.  What a great memory maker when a family can do something together and can make a contribution to improve a stream or watershed, let their voice and concerns be heard, and to show what a difference one person or one family can have.  Imagine going to a family fishing event and learning about fishing together and being able to take family fishing trips together?

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