US Women’s Fly Fishing Team   

     In the Spring of 2021, the United States Women’s Fly Fishing team was formed with the goal of having a team  to represent the United States in the first ever World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship in July 2022.

     The United States Women’s Fly Fishing Team (USWFFT), based out of State College, PA was approved by the Confederation Internationale de Pech Sportive (CIPS) in 2021.  This group is the regulating body for competitive angling throughout the world and represents anglers from 78 different countries  and a total of 50 million anglers.

     The annual world fly fishing championships have been organized by the Federation Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche (FIPS-Mouche) since 1981 and 2022 is the first year for a Women’s fly fishing championship.

     This years innagural championship is being held in Stor-Elvdal and Rendalen, Norway July 4th – 10, 2022.  The team left the United States in mid June and went to Norway to get familiar with the waters they will be fishing and fine tuning their fishing and their gear.

     Some of you may remember Ashly Wilmont as she served as the PATU program director in the past.

     Everyone at the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited wishes all the ladies the best of luck in the coming days as they represent the United States in Norway.

Front (L to R):  Ashley Wilmont, PA, – Lyndsay Szofran, MT, Madoka Myers – Captain, CO
Back (L to R):  Julie Mattson, OK, Jackie Burgunder, PA, – Tess Weigand, PA, Jenn Cordz, WA
Picture taken from the US Women’s Fly Fishing team facebook page

Possible increase in Fishing license fees coming

During a special meeting last week, the PFBC Board of Commissioners gave preliminary approval to proposed fee adjustments. If given final approval at a future meeting, this would be the first fishing license price increase since 2005.

Under the proposal, the price of a Resident Annual Fishing License, Trout Permit, and Combination Trout/Lake Erie Permit would increase by $2.50 each. Separate increases would be applied to other license and permit categories for non-residents, seniors, and tourists.

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