Order of the Tie

The Order of the Tie is presented to a Chapter member who has performed an outstanding duty or service for benefit of the Chapter or TU as a whole. The previous winners select the winner and is normally presented by the last winner.  The award was conceived by Ernie Hille in 1968, modeled on the Harrisburg Fly Fisher’s award. The Directors approved the motion and a 3 member committee was appointed to select the first recipient.

The award is a tie adorned with trout or a fishing theme.

Winners of the award:

1968-Bob McCullough, Jr.-President

1969-C. William O’Connor-President

1970-Richard Leaver-Director

1971-Robert Rinn-Director

1972-Richard Williamson-Corresponding Secretary

1973-Ernest Hille-Treasurer

1973-Bruce Smay-Recording Secretary

1974-Don Mayers-President

1975-Lloyd Forcey-President

1976-Horace Hand-Past President

1977-James Collins-Vice President

1978-John Mosher-President

1979-Truman McMullen-Secretary

1980-Donald Bastian-Vice President

1981-Daniel Alters-Director

1982-Edward Danneker-Director

1983-Mark Hostrander-Secretary

1984-Richard Huggins-Vice President

1985-Francis Bennett-Director

1986-Stuart Sitzer-Director

1986-Harold(Lanny) Lutz-Treasurer

1987-Justus Baum

1988-David Rothrock

1989-Joseph Radley-Director

1990-Walt Zigarski-Secretary

1991-Jack Culver-Director/Secretary

1992-Bill Higgins-Director/Kickoff Chairman

1993-Jeff Young-President

1994-Chris Herrman-Director/Kickoff Chairman

1995-Jim Latini- President

1996-Dave Colley-Director/Kickoff Chairman

1997-Andy Cholin-Director/Editor

1998-Bob Rinn-Director/Advisor

1999-Rick Kinzer-Director/Kickoff Chairman

2000-Tom Person-Director/Kickoff Chairman

2002-Mabel Huggins-Outstanding Member

2004-David Craig-Secretary

2007-Howard Giles-Director/Library

2008-Robert Spencer-President

2014-Bob Baker-Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

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