Our Chapter

Who We Are

Our mission is simple

Work to conserve, protect and restore the Coldwater fisheries and the watersheds of North Central Pennsylvania.

There are many ways to tell you who we are, but we found that Henry E. Koltz, the former Chairman of the Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited, said it best.

“Trout Unlimited is a cold-water conservation organization, not a fishing club.  It’s a broad, non-profit organization that includes members from both sides of the political spectrum, and everywhere in between.  It includes people who like to fish, some who don’t, folks who like to work on rivers, and people who just want to work with U.S. Military Veterans or to educate children.  In short, there is no “cookie cutter” Trout Unlimited member, and absolutes do not apply. 

With that said, however, fishing is the common denominator. To that end, I don’t care how you fish: whether it’s with a fly rod, with a spinning rod, or with live bait.  I don’t care if you keep and eat trout. I do, and I’ve done everything that I just listed heretofore from time to time throughout my life.  There is no “right answer” when it comes to such things.  What I do care about is our streams, their health, and their future.  If you care about those things too, then there is a place for you in Trout Unlimited.

TU is a great outlet.  It affords people with the chance to get involved in things which are inherently good:  Like working with disabled U.S. Military Veterans, or introducing kids to the outdoors, or working on a stretch of stream to clean it up and ensure that future generations will have a place and opportunity to fish.  These are things that most of us don’t get to do in our 9-5 jobs.  We spend the majority of our time working for someone else, making money for someone else, and with little opportunity to help others. TU is a great outlet for many do to something which is just truly good for the simple sake of doing something good.

So please take a look around, see what we’re about and what our chapter is doing.  If anything interests you, please sign up and get involved.  If you stick with it, show up to some volunteer events and pitch in, I have a feeling you’ll be happy that you did.”

The Susquehanna Chapter works with other like-minded groups, organizations, and individuals who share in the same passion to protect, conserve and restore our waterways and watersheds.

We welcome everyone to our Chapter and encourage diversity within our membership. Without you, our Chapter would not be strong and able to accomplish the things that we have.  You will meet some great people along the way and we look forward to what you have to share.

Our Chapter received its Charter in March 1964 and was the 4th Chapter in the Pennsylvania Council. We are 501c3 nonprofit organization under the umbrella of Trout Unlimited but function separately and differently from other Chapters. We have our own leadership and bylaws and we have just under 300 members.

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