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Susquehanna Chapter TU Fly Tying Goes Virtual

Fly Tying Resources on the Internet


Due to the Covid pandemic, Susquehanna TU will not be holding an in-person fly tying instruction course this year.  To assist our members and interested anglers learning to tie fishing flies, we offer the following on-line resources:

An excellent beginner fly tying on-line course from the Brodheads Chapter of Trout Unlimited is available on YouTube.  Its 12 segments cover fly tying tools and the basic techniques for tying 11 standard useful fly patterns. It can be found at

For more instructional information on many more fly patterns, useful tips and techniques, you can click on Orvis’s Fly Fishing Learning Center website at and choose Fly Tying Videos on the menu bar.  You can choose various fly patterns to tie. (When on a given fly video, click on Vimeo to go to full screen). The Orvis site also has good instructions on equipment, casting and fishing techniques.

A favorite television series on PBS was “Fly Tying: The Angler’s Art” produced by KWSU. Links to some of the series episodes can be located by Googling or searching on YouTube with the series name. The episode with Dave Whitlock tying warm water and salmon fly patterns can be found at Dave Whitlock also has a Master Series on advanced fly tying which can be found at .

Additional names to check out on Google, YouTube and Vimeo would include Charlie Craven, frequent contributor to Fly Fisherman magazine, and local notable anglers and tiers George Daniel and our own Dave Rothrock who are producing excellent videos and articles on fly tying and innovative fly patterns and angling techniques. There are a very large number of websites and YouTube videos available for learning how to tie all types of fishing flies. One can just Google “Fly Tying Instructions” and dozens of sites will pop up.

Also posted are the files for our Susquehanna TU 2020 Fly Tying Course Manual, Appendices, and pictures of the flies covered in the course.  The Appendices contain a wealth of information about flies, fly tying, and fly fishing which is difficult to find in one place.

Susquehanna TU has dozens of books on fly tying and fly fishing which will soon be available to check out or purchase. Fly tying materials and equipment can also be obtained in our area at the Slate Run Tackle Shop at Wolfe’s General Store in Slate Run and Blue Heron Sports in Milton.  Additionally, we have supplies of certain fly tying materials. If you have a specific need, please contact us at

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