Unassessed Waters Initiative to be discussed at March Meeting

The public and local Watershed Associations are invited to attend the monthly meeting of Susquehanna Chapter Trout Unlimited on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at E. Third and Mulberry Streets, Williamsport.  PA Fish & Boat Commission representatives will be outlining a pilot study for soliciting public participation in helping to determine prioritization of local streams to be monitored and assessed in this summer’s work by PF&BC staff and partnering colleges.  This could be a great opportunity to see some of your favorite unprotected fishing spots become protected through the PA-Unassessed Waters Program.  So far, the initiative has inventoried hundreds of high quality PA streams previously unclassified with a goal of monitoring hundreds more.  For more information, visit the PF&BC website at http://fishandboat.com/unassessedwaters.htm.

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