RFS Reform Act of 2015

The following was taken from the Keep America Fishing Website and is being given to you for informational purposes.  We know that many of you are boaters and want you to be informed.  The Chapter has not, and is not taking a position on this.

     “Did you know that the higher the level of ethanol in your fuel, the more likely you are to destroy your engine? When levels go above 10 percent, fuel burns hotter and often reduces engine life. But adding more is exactly what ethanol makers are trying to push past the EPA.

     What’s at stake? You could harm your car or boat. Engines in older cars and trucks are more easily damaged and wear out faster when run on high ethanol fuels.  Worse, small engines – like the two-strokes found in many bass boats – are even more susceptible to damage because the ethanol often washes the oil off cylinder walls. 

     But this issue has good news. Currently, there is legislation moving through Congress that will protect our engines. A new bill, the Renewable Fuel Standard Reform Act of 2015, would cap the amount of ethanol in fuel at the already recommended 10 percent. 

     What can you do? Inform your Representative that this is an important issue to you, so they don’t miss the opportunity to co-sponsor this legislation. Tell them you don’t want higher-ethanol fuels that damage and destroy engines.  It just takes a few steps on our website.

     On February 4, 2015, with 34 original co-sponsors, Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced the RFS Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 704) into the House. This act will prohibit the EPA from approving blends of ethanol above 10 percent in gasoline, such as E15. In the past, nearly identical versions of the legislation have compelled over 220 members from both chambers of Congress to oppose the RFS.”

     For more information, please see the Keep America Fishing Website at  http://keepamericafishing.org/


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Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Welcome to the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Founded in 1964, we are one of Pennsylvania’s oldest chapters, and help protect many miles of central Pennsylvania’s finest streams. Some of our waters include Muncy Creek, Loyalsock Creek, Black Hole Creek, Pine Creek, Slate Run and Lycoming Creek

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