Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day Tomorrow


The Pennsylvania Statewide Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day is tomorrow and everyone at the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited hopes that you will be able to take a youth (or more than one) out for the day.  We all know the thrill of getting a trout on the end of our line and the many great experiences we have while being outdoors and on the stream.  Please consider taking one of your kids, a neighbors kid, nieces and nephews, or friends kids.

It is important to get kids outdoors and to experience what our great state has to offer.  Kids of today have to many other distractions and activities that keep them indoors and away from nature and the many sports of the outdoors.

Please share any stories or pictures of your day tomorrow with us.  We would love to see stories written by the kids themselves.  We will post them on our website and may use some of them in our newsletter. Remember kids are our future and we need to get them outdoors.

Please keep in mind a few guidelines given by the Fish and Boat Commission:

  1. All approved Trout Waters in Pennsylvania are open for mentored youth (does not include special regulation areas)
  2. The times of the season are 8 am thru 730 pm
  3. Adults (16 years old and older) are required to have a fishing license and trout stamp.
  4. Youths (15 years old and younger) are required to have a mentored youth fishing permit or a voluntary fishing license and be accompanied by a licensed adult angler.
  5. The Fish Commission receives approximately $5 for every voluntary youth fishing license sold.

Please see the PA Fishing and Boat commission website for more information (

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