PFBC Wild Trout stream designations proposals

     The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission continues to add new streams to both the Wild Trout Stream list and the Class A Wild Trout Stream list. In July, an additional 28 streams were added to the Class A list and 54 streams to the Wild Trout Stream list. TU is very encouraged by this year’s listing of streams and the continued proposals for additional listings from the 600 streams that are now awaiting designation. At the upcoming September meeting, the Commissioners will consider 102 streams for Wild Trout Stream designation and  40 stream sections for Class A Wild Trout designation.

     The comments that have made in the past six months have made a difference in getting protections for these streams. Please remember that this comment period is unique to this new list of streams; the comments received earlier do not pertain to the September list. If you have commented in the past — thank you! — but you will need to comment during this current time period for the September meeting. Please take a moment before August 17 to submit comments in support of the listings.

      You may comment on the Class A streams with the form found here. Comments for the Wild Trout Streams may be made through the form found  here. Letters may also be sent to John Arway, Executive Director, Fish and Boat Commission, P. O. Box 67000, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000

     Protecting Pennsylvania’s trout streams with appropriate biological designations helps to ensure that a stream’s water quality will be maintained to support fishing opportunities for today’s anglers and for future generations. ·    Please urge the PFBC to continue to move streams from the list of “recently surveyed” to formal wild trout stream listing at each PFBC meeting.   Please consider sharing this information with your local watershed partners and fellow sportsmen clubs, and urging them to write letters/submit comments in support of the listings. .

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