Inventory List for Fishing Sale

Below is a link for the inventory list of the items that we will be offering for sale on April 8 and 9.  Trout Unlimited Members only on April 8 from 6pm-830 pm and on April 9 9am-10am then the general public opens 10am-4pm.  If you are not a Trout Unlimited member and would like access to the members only time, membership applications will be available at the introductory rate of $17.50

As you will see by the inventory list, we have a HUGE selection of fly tying materials.  Other items that are not listed include a large assortment of hooks, used rods and reels (mainly spinning), rod making materials, a large assortment of pre tied flies, and various little odds and ends for the Angler.

Any questions, let us know at

2016-04-09 Sale Inventory

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