Help needed to repair Trout Hatchery


As a result of the flooding that occurred last weekend, the Lycoming Creek Anglers Club Trout Hatchery has been destroyed and they have lost all the fish.  A picture is attached to this email show what the hatchery looks like now and it is completely devastating.  They will be having workdays this weekend, Saturday and Sunday starting

around 8:30 am.  They are asking for volunteers to help them get the hatchery back up and running.  They ask that you bring shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows.  The hatchery is located on Slacks Run Road and due to the damage from the flooding, you may have to access it from Rose Valley Road / Kellyburg Road.  It is unknown if the road between the hatchery and Route 14 will be repaired or passable.

If you have any questions, please call Sam Caldwell at 570-322-6098

Thank you for your time and your help

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