PFBC Commissioners to consider additions to the Class A and Wild Trout Stream Listings

At the next PFBC Commissioners meeting on April 23, and 24, 2018, they will consider adding several streams to the Class A and Wild Trout listings.  A pdf copy of each proposal is given below so you can see the streams being proposed.


April 2018 Wild Trout Waters Proposed

April 2018 Class A Proposed Changes

To comment electronically on the Class A stream listings, click here.

To comment electronically on the Wild Trout stream listings,  click here.


Also go to:  and take the public opinion poll as there are several questions related to wild trout and the future there of.  



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Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Welcome to the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Founded in 1964, we are one of Pennsylvania’s oldest chapters, and help protect many miles of central Pennsylvania’s finest streams. Some of our waters include Muncy Creek, Loyalsock Creek, Black Hole Creek, Pine Creek, Slate Run and Lycoming Creek

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