Penn’s Creek Section 5 Update and Regulations

At a recent meeting in Mifflinburg, the PFBC presented a review of Penn’s Creek section 5. They started with a review of where section 5 is and of the management of this section including electrofishing results from 2017. The results showed that there was a strong wild brown trout population in the vast majority of Section 5.

The PFBC is looking at options for Section 5 which include:

  1. Catch and Release, Artificial Lures Only (highest level of protection for the wild trout population)
  2. Establish harvest slot limits of 2 fish per day between 7” and 12: (high level of protection)
  3. Manage this water under the Commonwealth Inland waters regulations (lowest level of protection)

If you have any questions, or input, please contact the PFBC. A copy of the PFBC presentation is available here.


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